Science and Technology Studies (STS) is an interdisciplinary field that offers courses of study leading to either a BA or BSc degree.

Scientific disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, or physics focus on how to do science - to karyotype, prepare a gas, or hunt for exoplanets, for instance. Technological disciplines such as engineering teach you how to use and make new technologies, such as microsatellites.

The Department of Science and Technology Studies draws upon the practices and knowledges of these important disciplines. But as its name suggests, it’s especially focused on thinking about science and technology as social activities. It does so by asking additional questions. What defines scientific knowledge, and who produces it and uses it? How do society and technology shape each other? How does science shape - and get shaped by - political, economic and cultural forces?

To answer these questions, students draw connections across traditional boundaries. By doing this, STS practitioners - either from inside science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, or from outside them - a richer understanding of some of the most powerful forces that shape our culture today.

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