About the Program

York’s Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) is an interdisciplinary one unlike any other in Canada. While housed in the Faculty of Science, it is possible to gain either a BA or a BSc degree in STS.

The purpose of STS is to expand our understanding of science and technology by exploring their social, cultural, philosophical, and material dimensions. To achieve that purpose, STS draws upon the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences to offer courses focusing on specific topics dealing with science and technology. For instance there are STS classes on technological failure, epidemics, history of biology, science and gender, and changing notions of scientific objectivity.

STS students draw connections across traditional boundaries to gain an appreciation of the role of the sciences and technology in understanding and shaping the world and ourselves. Students will learn to analyse complex scientific, technological, and cultural developments, and discover how to trace the implications of these changes. We are proudest of the small class sizes in STS, which make it easier to form individual relationships with professors and with other students.

Whether obtaining a BA or BSc in STS, Department graduates are well equipped for employment in science policy, journalism, project management and museum work; numerous other graduates go on for further study in law, medicine, engineering, health policy, business analysis, finance, and education. Other students go on to do graduate studies in STS. Testimonials here will give additional information about what our graduates found most valuable about their degree and courses.

Faculty members in STS are prominent in a variety of scholarly societies such as the History of Science Society, Society for the History of Technology, Society for the Social Studies of Science, Canadian Society for History & Philosophy of Science, Canadian Society for History & Philosophy of Mathematics, and the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine/Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine.

The Department hosts the STS Research Seminars, a long-running series featuring speakers on various topics in Science and Technology Studies.